From Students, Clients, and Friends


“By far, the best massages that I have ever had. My whole body feels relieved and all body aches completely disappear. Jane has a gift.” 

~ Leila J.


“Jane has made me a yoga convert and I look forward to her class every week. My body looks forward to her class also.” 

~ Dru S.


“That was exactly what I needed Jane, you read my mind and everything was perfect.” 

~ Susan B.


“Fabulous massage Jane, very relaxing and stress releasing. I loved every minute. I feel stronger and healed.”

~ Robert H.


“I feel so blessed to have you as my Yogi! To be able to feel and witness your healing knowledge and guidance, you have no idea how much you inspire me! Thank you for your positive energy and light.”

~ Michelle W.


“What a great experience, I feel like a new man. The tightness in my upper back and shoulders were relieved of all tension. I can’t wait for my next session!”

~ Michael B.


“The best massage that I have ever had!! The stretching and relaxation at various stages really made me feel so much better. I recommend this treatment to everyone!!”

~ Mike K.


“Jane’s yoga was a missing piece in my life puzzle. Jane has inspired me to practice yoga every day. I also treat myself to a monthly Thai massage with Jane.”

~ Julie J.


“I love Jane’s approach and style. There is a calmness and serenity and that is how a yoga class should be. I always leave the class feeling calm and relaxed and I absolutely love it!”

~ Adam B.


“Awesome massage, I felt completely relaxed, clear and rejuvenated. I loved it all. Thank you Yogi!”

~ Katherine H.


“I had so much fun in yoga last night! Thank you for bringing people together in the best possible way. You’re such a special person. I appreciate everything you do for us.”

~ Elaine C.


“Jane creates a powerful and sacred space for her yoga classes. She is gentle and her yoga is good exercise, it flows and heals, stretches and calms…bliss, bliss, bliss.”

~ Joyce W.


“Jane’s positive spirit is uplifting and this feeling stays with me after I leave class. I am so much healthier physically and spiritually because of Jane. I am always challenged, successful, encouraged and applauded for just being me.”

~ Margaret O.


“Your classes and the atmosphere that you create, with special kindness, have such a healing power. I thank you for all that you do and all the healing miracles.”

~ Pauline S.


“Jane is the essence of yoga. Her classes address all areas of the body, well timed holds and attention to the breath. She pays attention to safety and handles a multi challenge group with ease and takes us to a very rewarding savasana (final relaxation).”

~ Ellen V.


From Little Yogis

“If I were a yoga teacher, I would make you my boss. You’re a really wonderful teacher. I love the cobra.”

~ Veronica


“Thank you Yogi Jane for showing me how to do yoga I would like to learn more about yoga. Probably when I grow up, I want to be a yoga teacher.”

~ Jazmin


“You rock all day. You are the best yoga teacher ever. P.S. how do I do tree pose?”

~ Isaiah


“Thank you for teaching me yoga. I taught my family how to do it. Plus I was stressed out with my sister’s baby shower. But that’s over. I had a lot of fun. Thank you Yogi.”

~ Bianca


“Yoga helps people when they are stressed out or when people want to relax, they should do yoga.”

~ Ayan