Thai Yoga Massage



Thai Yoga Massage is a beautiful, potent full body treatment done fully clothed on a cushioned floor. Sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes. Sometimes referred to as “lazy man’s yoga,” Thai body work is an amazing combination of massage, acupressure, assisted stretching and energy work. Thai Yoga Massage is designed to stimulate the flow of healing energies within the body. It relieves stress, tension and body aches, while increasing flexibility, circulation, immunity and vitality. It works to clear blockages and to restore the body back to a state of balance and harmony. It is a branch of medicine in Thailand, where it is called nuad borarn which means ancient massage. Although Thai Massage is practiced heavily in Thailand, the roots of Thai Massage can be traced back to India, founded by an Indian physician, named Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, who was a close associate of the Buddha. Thai bodywork is extremely relaxing therapy that revitalizes and rejuvenates. It will leave you feeling refreshed, blissful and calm.